Cairnview Western Cobs

Directly imported from the green hills of Ireland
to the rugged American West
versatile Irish Cobs

Why Irish Cobs?

Irish Cobs are wonderful horses.  They were originally used to pull the wagons or vardas used by the gypsies or travelers that roamed Ireland.  They needed to be strong enough to work all day pulling a wagon but they also needed to be handy enough to ride.  One of the other requirements was they needed to be docile enough that they would not hurt small children and other animals that would be around them at the camps.  Thus the horse that we have today.  

Cobs are great first horses because they are gentle and they come in all sizes from short to tall to fit children and adults.  They are easy to work with and like to be around people.  They are gorgeous to look at, but are versatile enough that they can do well in any discipline you put them in.  Many people think they are just for show or can only hack or do trail riding.  This is not the case.  They love to learn and please and if given the chance will do well with whatever you want to teach them and look absolutely gorgeous doing it.  They have been shown to do well in show jumping, dressage, vaulting and many other disciplines and mine are doing well in western activities.

I do not find that they are any harder to keep looking good than my Quarter Horses.  Most of them love to be groomed almost as if they know how beautiful they will be when they are done.  Even if you are not using them everyday a quick brush through of mane, tail and feathers every other day or so keeps them tangle free and looking good.  

For Sale

Cairnview Jet Set

2 year old Buckskin Gelding--AVAILABLE

Jet Set is a direct Irish Import. Gorgeous to look at and with wonderful movement. He is a dark buckskin with just enough chrome to make him stand out. At a mature height of 15 to 15.2 hands he should excel in any discipline or just be a solid all trail horse. He is friendly and likes attention. If not sold he will be started with bitting up, saddled and line driven. None of my horses are started under saddle until they are three.

Cairnview Idaho

AVAILABLE------ Meet Cairnview Idaho (AKA Tater Tot) a 3 year old bay Irish Cob gelding. He is a direct Irish Import. Currently he stands at 14.2 but might grow a bit more. He would make a nice horse for a smaller adult or a child. He is currently being worked line driving with a bit and saddle but will move on to riding shortly. His has the presence to be a standout and is very eye catching when he moves.

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Not What You're Looking For?

If the horses listed are not what you are looking for please contact us. We might have something that will fit or may be able to find just the horse that you want in Ireland.

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New Arrivals

Cairnview Kai AKA--Cayuse

A very sweet pale palomino stud colt. We're anxiously waiting to see what he will look like as he matures.

My Horses


Teddie is a lovely Irish Cob gelding. Gentle for anyone. He is the star of a book written about him...Teddie the Fairytale Horse Flys to the USA. He is NOT FOR SALE.

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Cooper is my personal horse. He has done a number of different things and is always willing and trusting to try whatever is asked of him from jumping cross country to learning to run barrels. He is gentle and sweet, has go when asked for it but is calm and relaxed when not. He is NOT FOR SALE. For other pictures and/or video check under learn more.

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Cairnview Galway

Galway is a chocolate and white up and coming gelding. Calm and accepting and has a lot of try. He wants to make you happy. He rides both English and Western and thinks that going to gather stock is one of the best things that a horse can do. He will also do arena work, trail riding or hacking and low level jumps. He is currently working on becoming an all around horse before we begin to specialize. He is NOT FOR SALE

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Cairnview Billy the Cob

Billy is a super sweet little bay cob. He's only 14.1 hands but he is all personality and try. He really wants to please. He's game to try anything though he might have to consider it for a bit. He's still young so has lots of time to learn. He is working on a program that will make you laugh. Keep watching for it. He is NOT FOR SALE.

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Cairnview Innis Free

An extremely nice two year old filly. She is doing basic ground work at this time as she grows. Such a sweetheart. She thinks she is a puppy and follows me where ever I go and comes at a run to the fence to greet me if she sees me outside.

Cairnview June

June is everything one could ask for in a 2 year old filly. She is not only super smart but really wants to please. She is game to try anything and has the best of both worlds in movement. She can be as quick and agile as a cat and then turn into a horse with dressage movements. I am expecting great things from her.

Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us
Why Should you buy from Cainview Western Cobs?

We sell Irish Cobs (Gypsy Vanners) that are directly imported from Cairnview Stud in Ireland. All of our horses are brought in complete with their passports and may be registered in the US with a Gypsy Vanner Association. Once these horses arrive at our ranch they are quarantined, not only for their safety, but the safety of other horses here. This allows us to monitor them and make sure that they have adjusted to being in a new place on new feed and water and have recovered from traveling. Once they are fully recovered they are vaccinated for all the diseases that we vaccinate for here in Nevada. They are closely monitored after vaccination as some horses do have reactions from mild to severe to these vaccinations. They receive a second vaccination to give them full immunity approximately four weeks later. During this time they are taken out for hand walking and grooming and for daily turn outs individually or in pairs if they were previously together. This is so we have a chance of observing them and quickly fixi anything that might be off. If at all possible we try to have them in adjoining stalls if they are friends to help ease the stress of moving and having people talking to them in a strange language and doing things in an American way.

Once they are settled in and doing well they are turned out into corrals or pasture depending on weather and the time of year. Working with them daily helps both the horses and myself as I get to know them and they adjust to being in a new and different place. We also make a video record of each horse from its sire and dam through its' growing up years so you not only have written records but a video recording of your horse's life.....much like a baby book for humans!

If you purchase a horse from us you can be assured that it has been well taken care of and well adjusted. We can help you find transport to your horse's new home using a network of transporters I have developed over the years. In some cases we may be able to deliver your horse to you ourselves depending on where you live and our schedule.

If you would like us to assist in bringing your horse over from Ireland we are happy to do so. It can be daunting the first time. Our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with your new and amazing Irish Cob partner.


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