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Cairnview Jet Set

2 year old Buckskin Gelding--AVAILABLE

Jet Set is a direct Irish Import. Gorgeous to look at and with wonderful movement. He is a dark buckskin with just enough chrome to make him stand out. At a mature height of 15 to 15.2 hands he should excel in any discipline or just be a solid all trail horse. He is friendly and likes attention. If not sold he will be started with bitting up, saddled and line driven. None of my horses are started under saddle until they are three.

Cairnview Idaho

AVAILABLE------ Meet Cairnview Idaho (AKA Tater Tot) a 3 year old bay Irish Cob gelding. He is a direct Irish Import. Currently he stands at 14.2 but might grow a bit more. He would make a nice horse for a smaller adult or a child. He is currently being worked line driving with a bit and saddle but will move on to riding shortly. His has the presence to be a standout and is very eye catching when he moves.

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